Curious Consumer Christmas Insights

It has been a year of immense transition and change. So many of us are worn out from the unrelenting need to adapt and respond to what life has thrown our way this year.

If you’re feeling that way, you’re not alone. Seven in ten Australians say they’ve been pushed to their limit this year, and 9 in 10 are excited to close the door on 2020 and start 2021.

BUT, before we wish the year away, let’s consider some trends we might see in the way Australians approach Christmas shopping this year:

Renewed confidence in hitting the shops:

Australians are more confident about visiting the shops than consumers in other parts of the globe, due to our low COVID cases. 72% feel confident about hitting the shops, compared to 61% in the US and 55% in the UK.

Demand for seamless omnichannel experience:

Despite a return to some levels of ‘normalcy’, digital trends in shopping will become the new norm into 2021. This includes the demand for a seamless omni-channel experience

Growing demand for products centred around ‘home’:

While retail spend at Christmas this year will likely be lower than previous years, many retailers are seeing immense demand for their products as consumers continue to spend more time at home. The retail landscape is currently quite polarised based on brand and product: 39% of retailers expect spending to be up by 5%+ this Christmas, while 24% expect sales to be down by 5% or more.

The opportunity? Rekindling the magic of Christmas shopping.

Online sales are certain to exceed figures from a year ago. While a third of Australians still don’t feel confident going to the store, in-store shopping is likely to pick up over the next month. For brands, this provides a unique opportunity to help rekindle the joy and magic of Christmas shopping.

So, as you move towards the end of the year, may you be reminded, in the words of Anders Sorman-Nillson:

“Change may seem fast but it’s the slowest it’s ever going to be again.”

Let’s enjoy this season as we continue to learn and adapt into 2021.

Sources: McCrindle, Australians post Covid-19, October 2020; Deloitte Retailers’ Christmas Survey 2020.

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