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Inspiring leaders towards clear movement.

Eliane works with senior leaders to help them understand the external environment in which they operate. She collects, consolidates, and contextualises information to advise leaders on emerging trends, demographic realities, and consumer sentiment. Eliane works on a project or contractual time basis.

Workshop facilitation
Board & executive briefings
Strategic planning
Stakeholder research
Environmental scanning

Find out more about the Curious Co by downloading the service deck.

The Curious Co

Eliane is the Founding Director of a the Curious Co, a strategy and insights consultancy. 

The Curious Co brings expertise and wisdom to organisations who want to be at the forefront of change and innovation.

Why does the Curious Co exist?

Many leadership decisions made through a clouded lens (lacking clarity) or simply not made at all (stifling movement). This is not for lack of good intention. It’s simply a matter of time allocation:

We see leaders spend much of their time on ‘internals’ – things like staffing, finance, operations, and product development.

Internal resources are then mobilised for external impact through a focus on brand, marketing, sales, or customer experience.

Less time is spent thinking about an organisation’s context or external environment, or how today’s demographic, social, economic, technological and consumer trends impact future viability.

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