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About Eliane Miles


Eliane Miles is a social researcher, strategist, and trends analyst.  

She is the founder of The Curious Co, an insights and strategy consultancy that delivers practical strategic direction to clients across a wide range of industries.

With clients including Grant Thornton, CommBank, and Shopify, she has helped some of the world’s largest brands gain insights for growth, engage more deeply with customers and build brand credibility.

Known for her strong analytical capability matched with deep intuition, audiences love her clear, curated, and engaging presentations.

Since 2016 she has delivered over 100 keynotes, strategy sessions, and executive workshops across multiple continents. A regular media commentator, Eliane has featured on ABC The Drum, 9News, SBS, and 7News as well as on radio, print and in online media.

Eliane’s mission is to create clarity from complexity, share the story in the data, and lead organisations towards active, confident decision-making.

Eliane Miles Speaking Pack

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To enquire about engaging Eliane please use the    contact form here.

Keynote & Workshop Topics

Changing times, emerging trends: Responding now in a post-Covid world


Business and disruption are now synonymous terms. Not only has Covid made huge impacts on our health and economy, it has sparked mass demographic change, workforce transformations, and consumer trends that are here to stay.


In this session, Eliane will guide your teams through the trends of a post-Covid world, including:

  • Demographic transitions: Hyper-localisation and a fresh focus on the regions  

  • Workforce shifts: Gen Z multi-career expectations and next-gen employee mindsets

  • Consumer expectations: How business can be more human in today’s experience economy

  • Digital transactors: Consumer demand for simplicity and convenience

  • Trust as a premium commodity: Social license and our shared social values


Audiences will discover the impacts of these trends and be equipped with a practical game plan to respond.

Engaging and retaining staff: Building workplace cultures that inspire


WFH is the biggest transformation to the world of work in over a century. In one of the greatest social experiments of all time, leaders are grappling with how to build remote workplace culture and engage staff in new ways. Managers are reconsidering, re-adapting, and reinventing how they lead.


The good news is that we now have considerable data to help us make sense of this new world of work. In this session, Eliane will share the latest insights for building strong workplace cultures, whether remote or in-person. She will equip leaders with practical takeaways to develop, train, and inspire their teams, fostering greater engagement, collaboration, and motivation

Using data for persuasive communication: From analytics to action


Today’s communication challenge is not the absence of data but the clear interpretation and application of that data. Business leaders expect information to be presented in compelling ways and initiatives to be backed by sound insights.


In this session, Eliane will help your organisation grow in being data-led. She will guide your teams on how to apply insights for persuasive communication and guide them through:


  • Our new world of work: Workforce shifts that are here to stay

  • Emerging communication trends: Visual storytelling for effective engagement

  • Interpreting, applying, and using data to influence decision-making

  • Specific examples of how to use data to shape a compelling narrative

Speaking Showreel

Event Support


Suggested introduction


Eliane doesn’t have a set introduction so feel free to introduce herin a way that will best suit your event and audience. Here is an introduction which may assist:

Eliane Miles is a social researcher, business strategist, and trends analyst. Her research provides a full 360-degree view of how demographic shifts combine with social change, generational transitions, and digital trends to create ever-changing consumer and household landscapes. 


Her passion is finding the story in the data and giving practical insights that move organisations towards confident decision-making. She is a regular media commentator and the Founding Director of The Curious Co, a strategic social trends consultancy.

Please welcome Eliane Miles...


What are Eliane's equipment needs?

Eliane delivers her presentations using visual slides and for in-person events, will bring her presentation on a USB (also backed up on her laptop). She will need a data projector and screen, a remote clicker, and a lapel mic (except for a boardroom-type session).

Can we record Eliane's presentation?

Yes, Eliane grants permission to the client to record the sessions and distribute them so long as the content is not sold. Feel free to share the recording online as you wish.

Can we have a copy of the visuals used in the presentation?

Yes, simply request the slides and Eliane will make these available after the event.

For travel outside of Sydney: Do we have to pay business class or economy?

Eliane flies economy and discounted economy where possible. Expenses are kept to a minimum. Business class is only required for international flights or for some long-haul domestic flights.


Are there any other expenses?

Accommodation is required if the event program requires Eliane arriving the night before or leaving the next morning (breakfast or evening event). Normally it works best for the client to organise accommodation on Eliane’s behalf.

Ground transfers (i.e. rental car or taxi) will be calculated before the event so that you know the exact amount you’ll pay up front.

6 Steps to a successful event


1. Date Check

For more information or to check the availability of a date you may have in mind, pease contact Eliane via the web form.

2. Confirmation

Once you have decided on your date and Eliane as a speaker, we will send you a Speaker Confirmation Form to confirm all of the details.

3. Briefing

We will then arrange a briefing with your event organiser and Eliane so that the topic and her presentation can be specifically tailored to meet your objectives.

4. Research

If research has been commissioned as part of this booking, we will conduct the research, analyse the results and design any prepare the insights for your event..

5. Travel bookings

We will, in liaison with you, arrange any necessary travel and accommodation bookings and conduct a final briefing with the event organiser if required.

6. Debrief & invoice

After the completion of the event and any associated research project, we will touch base for any final feedback or briefing requested and send you the invoice for the agreed amount.

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