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Eliane Miles is a social researcher, strategist, and trend analyst interpreting the impacts of generational, social, demographic and digital change.

Social researcher

Eliane provides clear movement to organisations through social analysis. She is a sought-after keynote speaker and media commentator on generational engagement and the latest social trends.

Social researcher

Business strategist

As a data scientist Eliane uses the power of analytics to inform strategic direction. She is regularly engaged by boards and executive teams to give insights on trends that inform strategic planning.

Business strategist


To engage with people and connect with communities, we need to understand the changing demographics. Eliane uses the latest demographic data to tell the story of Australia today and predict future trend lines.

Trend analyst

Trend analyst

The consumer kaleidoscope is both challenging and forever changing. Eliane’s passion is finding the story in the data to move organisations towards confident decision-making.


Keynote Topics

Eliane's research-based presentations and strategic workshops create clarity from complexity.  


Changing times, emerging trends 

Responding strategically to the megatrends

Future of work

The future of work 

Adapting to the new world order

fidget spinner

Gen Z and Gen Alpha

Understanding and engaging the next generations

communicatio style

Saying more with less

Storytelling for persuasive communication

Attracting staff

Attracting, retaining, and inspiring staff 

Connecting with new workforce generations


Leading teams in changing times

Creating multigenerational spark at work

donor behaviour

Engaging with tomorrow's donor

Trends, challenges, and opportuniites for giving


Eliane in the Media

Eliane is frequently requested to appear on prominent television programs to discuss the latest social trends. She has been featured on:

ABC The Drum
The Today Show
Channel Seven
SBS News
ABC Television
Nine News


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What others say

"Eliane has been fantastic to work with. She brought tremendous insight, energy and passion to our Leaders Forum session. I am very impressed by the analysis, research, turnaround and how she packaged and released the information to our global leaders."

– Compassion International

Eliane is a stellar presenter – clear, conscience and relevant. I could listen to her for hours! She really set the pace and tone for a successful event.



– Platinum Communications

Eliane spoke very well and comes across naturally when speaking about stats. Guests were kept engaged, laughed (at the right time!!), and found the content relevant and interesting. Eliane read the room well and was a pleasure to have as our keynote speaker.

– Rhema FM